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Java development in Forge/Minecraft

Random Things [Forge-1.10.2]

For the last 2 month I learned how to code in Java.
And for me the best „thing“ to try it on was Minecraft.
So here it is, two month of work for my first mod RandomThings
Get your download here: RandomThings 1.3

List of Contents:

  • Protractor [*]
  • Everful Bucket
  • Transmorpher
  • Waterball
  • Starcluster
  • Rainbox
  • Shape Guide [*]
  • FLDSMDFR (Flitzem-deför)
  • Tickprofiler
  • Rescue Net

Item/Block description:

Protractor: [not yet implemented]
Rightclick two blocks with it and get the shortest distance between those blocks.

Everful Bucket:
Craft it once and never run out of water.
It is used like a regular water bucket, except it can’t be used in maschines.

Turns Dirtblocks into Grasblocks with a rightclick, has 10 charges.

Only used in the FLDSMDFR (Flitzem-deför) and the Rainbox.

Craftingitem for the Everful Bucket.

Use a Waterball on the Rainbox to stop the rain immediately.

Shape Guide: [not yet implemented]
Can draw several kind of shapes (Cubeoid, Sphear, Rectangle) into the world as a template for your buildings.

FLDSMDFR (Flitzem-deför):
Use a Waterball on it to spawn Cooked Beef into the world.

Displays the Mean Tick Time and the Overall TPS in the chat.
Use it with a rightclick from your hand.