SimpleColorPicker – Release

A complete rework from my old CarbonCommander, but with more features!

Years ago I made CarbonCommander to get a RGB/HEX color code from anywhere on the screen but never finished it because it „just works“. Today I release a complete reworked version which should be better in any aspect.


  • Get any RGB/HEX value under your Cursor with a click of a button
  • Help window
  • Stop/Resume the color picking

Known Bugs:

  • None? Atleast I didnt found any.


  • Add link to Github repository
  • Add download link for the compiled .exe

StartupMNGR – BETA

StartupMNGR is a simple tool to manage all your *.lnk (shortcuts) in your autostart directory.

Gone are they days of bloated tools and navigating to your %appdata% directory.


Version: - BETA

  • Reworked the UI to comply with Microsoft guidelines
  • Added „About“ Form
  • Changed to GNU General Public License


  • Drag and Drop your shortcut onto the panel to add it.
  • Type your shortcut path in the textbox to add it.
  • Open your %appdata/startup% path with one click.
  • Test run your shortcuts.

The programm is still in early ALPHA stadium, but fully functional.

Known Bugs:

  • The Programm will not check if you enter a valid shortcut or path into the textbox. If you add garbage the programm will crash.
  • Not a bug, but hitting the „Delete“ button will do its task without asking if you are sure.
  • Deleted shortcuts wont end up in the recycle bin.


  • Add link to Github repository
  • Restyle to comply with the Windows guidelines
  • Localization (maybe?!)
  • Fix Known Bugs
  • Add download link for the compiled .exe


Years ago I began with creating maps for „Counter-Strike Source“, and to get back into mapping, after roughly 6 Years, I started mg_“workingtitle“.

Don´t expect a fully functional map here. This is just a little Project to get back Into the Source Engine and familiarize with the Hammer Editor.


The Bunker████████░ 99%
The Glade███░░░░░░ 30%
Campsite█░░░░░░░░ 0%
Dark Forrest█░░░░░░░░ 0%
Spawn████████░ 90%
Underground Canals█░░░░░░░░ 0%
The Crossing█░░░░░░░░ 0%
The River█░░░░░░░░ 0%

The Bunker: ████████████░ 99%

  • Entrance Reception✅
  • Roof✅
  • Cafeteria✅
  • Weapondepot✅
  • Sleeping Quarters✅
  • Entrance to Underground Canals ❌

The Glade: ███░░░░░░░ 30%

  • Teleport Spawn✅
  • Weapon Stash❌
  • Tree Circle❌
  • Realistic Terrain❌
  • Entrace to Underground❌

Campsite: █░░░░░░░░░ 0% [Planning Phase]

  • Tents❌
  • Campfire❌
  • Small Hut❌
  • Broken Cars❌
  • Entrace to Underground❌

Dark Forrest: █░░░░░░░░░ 0% [Planning Phase]

  • Trees, just a lot of Trees.❌

Underground Canals: █░░░░░░░░░ 0% [Planning Phase]

  • Boilerroom❌
  • Exit to „The Bunker“❌
  • Exit to „The Glade“❌
  • Exit to „Campsite“❌
  • Exit to „Dark Forrest“❌
  • Exit to „Spawn“❌
  • Exit to „Underground Canals“❌
  • Exit to „The Crossing“❌
  • Exit to „The River“❌

The Crossing: █░░░░░░░░░ 0% [Planning Phase]

  • Center of the Map❌

The River: █░░░░░░░░░ 0% [Planning Phase]

  • Not yet planned❌

STLmanager [BETA 2]

A long time ago I started 3D printing, and I still do.
But since then I had all my „.stl“ files stuffed into on folder on my Harddrive.
And when I wanted to print some old files, I had to search through everything and open up each file to see if it is the correct one. Windows 7/10 doesn´t have a „.stl“ preview.
I searched a long time, to find some type of program, which is a file explorer with a „.stl“ preview. But never found one
So I made my own.


  • Hybrid programm, written in C# with a HelixToolkit Viewport3D
  • You can Pan/Zoom/Rotate in the 3D View
  • RAM usage Monitor
  • File properties listview

The programm is still in early BETA stadium, but fully functional.

Known Bugs:

  • Not a bug per se, but the initial loaded directory is still hardcoded^[e.g Z:\Stuff..].
  • If you load up a file and click somewhere in the hierarchy the programm will crash.
  • The Window is not resizeable, because im lazy.
  • Loaded models won´t show always in the middel of the Viewport.
  • Programm will hang if you load a huge file, because everything is handled in the GUI Thread.
  • There is somewhere a Memory Leak did not found it yet.
  • Programm startup might take a while, depending of the files inside the inital directory, because everything is loaded at once.

SimpleImageViewer []

I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 recently.
To my amazement there is no simple way to view pictures, except for Paint/Paint3D, which I really hate.
Thats why I threw together, whith help from C# and .Net Framework 4.0, my own SimpleImageViewer. Just set it as your default Imageviewer and it should work.

Supported file types:

  • .png
  • .jpg/jpeg
  • .gif (animated/working)
  • .tiff
  • .bmp

If you find more supported files, let me know.

If you want to try it you can grab it here: SimpleImageViewer

Random Things [Forge-1.10.2]

For the last 2 month I learned how to code in Java.
And for me the best „thing“ to try it on was Minecraft.
So here it is, two month of work for my first mod RandomThings
Get your download here: RandomThings 1.3

List of Contents:

  • Protractor [*]
  • Everful Bucket
  • Transmorpher
  • Waterball
  • Starcluster
  • Rainbox
  • Shape Guide [*]
  • FLDSMDFR (Flitzem-deför)
  • Tickprofiler
  • Rescue Net

Item/Block description:

Protractor: [not yet implemented]
Rightclick two blocks with it and get the shortest distance between those blocks.

Everful Bucket:
Craft it once and never run out of water.
It is used like a regular water bucket, except it can’t be used in maschines.

Turns Dirtblocks into Grasblocks with a rightclick, has 10 charges.

Only used in the FLDSMDFR (Flitzem-deför) and the Rainbox.

Craftingitem for the Everful Bucket.

Use a Waterball on the Rainbox to stop the rain immediately.

Shape Guide: [not yet implemented]
Can draw several kind of shapes (Cubeoid, Sphear, Rectangle) into the world as a template for your buildings.

FLDSMDFR (Flitzem-deför):
Use a Waterball on it to spawn Cooked Beef into the world.

Displays the Mean Tick Time and the Overall TPS in the chat.
Use it with a rightclick from your hand.

CarbonCommander []

Do you know the struggle?
Seeing the perfect color and your go-to way is to take a screencap and open up your Imageviewer to get the RGB values?

Then maybe CarbonCommander is your new friend.
With this little program you can hover your cursor over the desired color and with a quick press on your [F8] key you get the RGB values. Nothing more and nothing less.

If you are interested, head over here and get your download now.

Known Bugs:

  • Not really a bug but it ‚might‘ drop your framerate by 1-5 FPS on the Desktop.
  • If you have a DirectX/Vulkan game open and CarbonCommander running simultaneously your framerate will be capped @ 30FPS, at least for me it is..

CarbonCommander will need .NET Framework 3.5 get it here.

Sprite Saver [BETA]

I don`t have the time and patience to delete all the unwanted pixels by myself.

That´s all what it took for me to start programming this nifty little helper.
May I present you: SpriteSaver

It´s sole purpose is to delete all the unwanted color from you Sprites.
It may be only in Beta stage, but it works… kind of.
Let me guide you to a bug free pass:

  • Drag&Drop your Image to the canvas, or load it via the […] Button.
  • Drag your red little Rectangle to the desired position, you can change its size via the sliders.
  • Pick a Color [F6]
  • Set your Color [F7]
  • Delete Color [F8] is implemented in
  • And the last step is to save your modified .png to your local drive.

I know, SpriteSaver is really buggy, if you dont follow along, but it gets the job done. Let me tell you about some bugs:

Known Bugs:

  • If you drag the rectangle while the canvas is empty, SpriteSaver will crash.
  • If you try to change the [Rectangle Color – W.I.P], SpriteSaver will crash.
  • If you change the [Picture Mode] to anything else than „Normal“, SpriteSaver won´t display the Preview correctly.
  • If you Drag&Drop antything else than .png files to your canvas, SpriteSaver „might“ crash.

SpriteSaver will need .NET Framework 3.5 get it here.

just a bunch of random.Things();